Following table contains terms used in this documentation.
Cashier (when using cash register application, or manager using admin application).
Cash register (either stationary windows application or mobile application for android or iOS).
Merchandise article.
Food order. Until order is paid, food order is addressed as opened ticket. After order is paid (and receipt is printed), food order is addressed as closed ticket.
Food preparation request, that is created after articles are added to ticket. Example: user (cashier), based on customers request, adds plu article(s) to ticket, which leads to order creation, that is being handled by cook.
order processing
Process of printing/indicating food orders (to kitchen printers or kitchen displays)
ticket closing
Process of printing fiscal receipt (transition from opened ticket to closed ticket).
fiscal device
Receipt printer that prints cash register receipts (part of ticket closing procedure).
order endpoint
Kitchen printer or kitchen tablet. An device/application, usually located in kitchen, that handles food orders.
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