Error codes

List of error codes that are specified in errorCode property of ProblemDetails class.

1 - Unautenthicated

User is not logged in. Please authenticate and repeat the action.

2 - Unauthorized

User is not authorized to perform specific action. Additional rights must be granted to the user for successful action execution.

3 - ValidationFailed

One or more validation rules were broken. Action should not be repeated unless request is modified or another resource that action relies on is changed.

4 - LicenseExpired

License is valid, but expired. License must be extended before repeating the action.

5 - ResourceLocked

Resource is temporarly locked by another session or instance. Action can be invoked again later.

6 - ResourceVersionMismatch

Resource version mismatch. The error occurs especially if the resource is stored on the API in a newer version than the version specified in the request.

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